Canon EOS R3 – Specs / Price / Review


Canon has announced further specifications of its upcoming Canon’s EOS R3, giving clearer information of EOS R3 of what the camera will offer when it is officially released. Canon has just announced the development of what will be the highest-speed RF-mount camera yet, the EOS R3. It looks like a really interesting camera, but the R3 also points toward something else coming in the future; something even more capable

The latest bit of drip-fed info makes the EOS R3 look more like a ‘mirrorless 1D X’ than we’d previously assumed, and in fact potentially a fully-fledged sports/photojournalism camera. Canon says the R3 represents ‘a new class, between the EOS R5 and the EOS 1D X series,’ but from what we now know, it seems like it’ll be pretty close to the latter.


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Canon EOS R3 specs

Canon EOS R3 will feature a Stacked CMOS Dual Pixel sensor.