Google inserts AR dinosaurs in your search

Google dino

Google’s latest AR update includes Jurassic World creatures.

 SlashGear Google Search gets realistic Jurassic World dinosaurs with AR

Making the dinosaurs appear requires an AR-compatible iPhone, iPad or Android phone and search needs to happen in Google’s app, an Android browser, or Safari or Chrome on iOS. The dinosaurs can be shrunken down or placed full-size. They’re available now, but remember to keep your phone’s browser in mobile instead of desktop mode if you’re searching on iOS.

The 10 dinosaurs you can search for right now are: The scary Tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor,  spinosaurus, Pteranodon, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, ankylosaurus, dilophosaurus,  and parasaurolophus.

Searching for things via Google Search and putting them in your home using AR has been possible since last year, but Google’s been making updates to its AR catalog in 2020. Google added anatomical, biological and NASA models in the spring, and 10 dinosaurs will be added as part of a partnership with Universal, Amblin and Ludia.

Google: Travel back in time with AR dinosaurs in Search


The dinosaurs can be recorded in video clips, too, if you use Google’s AR capture tools or iOS screen recording.