What does iOS 14’s security features mean for you?

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Privacy has long been a big part of Apple’s strategy for making the iPhone unique to the profusion of Android devices end-users have to choose from. The iOS 14 update has a host of new features that only further increase Apple’s lead in the space. The beta public release of iOS 14 is promoting a variety of privacy-focus features that are likely to help you have a more secure smartphone experience than before.

Apple iOS 14: Security Features You’ll Opt to need

As a privacy and security enthusiast and keen Apple user, this is the feature I am most excited about. Sure, it’s not exactly new technology, but your iPhone will now light up with an indicator in the status bar when an app is recording you using your microphone or camera. This currently happens on your MacBook when its webcam is in use.

More transparency and control over app tracking with iOs 14. Apple wants to help you to better control on their latest update.  Apple user privacy software manager Katie Skinner said during the WWDC keynote yesterday that tracking should be “transparent” and “under your control.”

Ios App developers now have to declare the data they collect. App developers will now have to declare the data they collect. This gives iOS 14 users more clarity over the information that apps might be slurping up in the background and will give Apple users the power to choose whether to download and use an app in the first place, as well as better manage its permissions.

With iOS 14, Apple offers a new “Security Recommendations” menu that shows only your passwords that could put your accounts at risk for some reason. This includes passwords that are easy to guess and even those that may have leaked on the web. Apple is ramping up even more to please a user base that is increasingly aware and concerned about privacy and security. “Transparent tracking may sound like an oxymoron, but Apple seems to be quite clear about what it’s doing and has realized the increased potential in monetizing hardware instead of your data”.

Location improvements on iOS 14 – (Our favorite update)

Apple made a secure-focus improvement with their feature within iOS 14 is that you’ll be able to share your “approximate location” with an app rather than your exact location.  Cluley said, “Most apps which ask for your location do not need your precise location. This is a very sensible step for people’s privacy and personal safety.” There may still be some apps that you want to share your exact location with. For example, you may want Apple Maps or Citymapper to have an accurate reading on where you are, but do social networking apps need to know more than the city you’re in? You can now decide that within iOS 14.